Messages from students and graduates

Asif Agah

In September 2012, when arriving in Japan for the first time to pursue my master’s degree at GSID/Nagoya University, I was overwhelmed by the huge development gap between my country and Japan. Comparing the highly-developed infrastructure and effective and efficient systems in Japan with those of my own country, I came to realize not only how extremely left behind my country is, but also pondered the fundamental question of how the development gap initially appears between countries in the first place. In the very early days of my stay in Japan, I had no clear answer to the question, as I had no deep basis for comprehension of development and underdevelopment nor an idea why some nations succeed in their effort toward development while other fail. However, studying at GSID and earning my master’s degree was an extraordinary opportunity for me to gain the academic knowledge and analytical skills to understand how a nation initially develops or remains underdeveloped. GSID is one of best academic institutions, where students are provided with an opportunity to get familiarity with different perspectives about development studies, one of today’s world’s most crucial issues. For me, GSID not only marks the beginning of my real academic life, but also has opened a new horizon through which I can realize the development challenges of my own country.