INSEIKAI (GSID Student Association)

INSEIKAI is composed of all GSID students, including the Doctoral, Masters and Research students. The representative board of INSEIKAI takes care of the ordinary affairs of the student association. Working together with all GSID students, INSEIKAI aims to improve the study & living environment of all GSID students. The representative board acts as a contact between the students & the faculty.

Our Activities

  • Welcome & Farewell Parties
  • Monthly Cleaning Campaign
  • International Potluck Dinner
  • Photo Contest at GSID Homecoming Day
  • Peace Study tour & Peace Workshop (occasional)

Due to the public health emergency declaration applied in Nagoya city in AY2020, we have not been able to held many of the activities above. We will resume some of our activities by obeying social distance practices.

GSID Inseikai