Messages from students and graduates

Olum M. Adhiambo

GSID is a well known graduate school in one of Japan’s top universities. As an institution, it focuses on current development issues, challenging students to actively consider ways of addressing these challenges.
GSID’s international environment not only provides a platform to share my experiences but also learn from the experiences of other countries. With students from various countries and various continents, GSID offers an opportunity to discuss development from a wide perspective, challenging individuals to change their worldview.
The lectures and structure of delivery are also enjoyable, with well-structured classes and good delivery. The faculty is composed of highly qualified lecturers who offer close supervision and guidance in different research fields and topics.
The social life in GSID and Nagoya University is also quite vibrant, with various activities organized throughout the year. The administrative staff is also quite supportive in all areas of day-to-day life.
If you are looking to challenge yourself both academically and personally, GSID is a good choice.