Messages from students and graduates

Christian OTCHIA

GSID is deeply committed to research and teaching and has proven to be a multidisciplinary environment. I joined it in 2009 after research experience in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Since then, I have been carefully and intelligently taught and mentored by outstanding scholars. During six years of my life, I lived, learned, and grew in this marvelous environment.

I learned in an active and participatory seminar where contributions were always consistently articulated and insightful. During the discussions, seminar participants provided concrete recommendations and sometimes volunteered to provide technical support to juniors.

Being in GSID day in and day out really changed the course of my career. I became the best researcher I have ever been. I acquired a brilliant economic intuition, which allows me to choose an appropriate methodology to tackle effectively any research objective. I also attained maturity along with confidence in defending my opinion and following other’s arguments. Given my solid background in econometrics, I gained excellent field research experience through the overseas and domestic fieldwork program.

This particular experience has expanded my publication potential and strengthened my communication skills, especially my natural talent of getting along with people. GSID helped me take my research to the next level and brought me at the top of my game.