Messages from students and graduates

Miao Lu

As a student from China, I have been interested in development issues since my undergraduate degree. Therefore, I went on to pursue my master and doctoral studies in GSID to research about sustainable development issues in developing countries.

GSID provides us a good opportunity to study in an international environment with students from different countries and cultures. The professors in GSID are highly qualified. For me, the most impressive courses in GSID were Introduction to International Development and Japan’s Development Experience. These two courses are taught by the professors from all fields of study in GSID and we can learn about development issues through different fields such as economics, society and law. In addition, GSID also invites officers from international organizations such as the World Bank, UN and JICA to give lectures based on their working experiences on development issues. Moreover, GSID offers many internship opportunities in international organizations and exchange opportunities for students to study abroad.

If you are interested in development issues and like to study in an international environment, GSID is a good choice.