Messages from students and graduates


  My motivation to research development issues comes from my own country, Pakistan. My country has experienced development issues throughout its history, and thus I decided to contribute to economic development projects. I have found GSID to be the best graduate school for this purpose by enhancing my skills and broadening my knowledge about how various countries are dealing with issues such as poverty, social justice, equity and sustainability.
   It’s easy for me to look at these issues on multiple contextual levels, both rural and urban. At GSID, there is a core balance between practical and theoretical studies. Personally, I am not good at theoretical education, but I find practical training more interesting and engrossing. During my 1st year at GSID I participated in domestic field work and attended different workshops that led me to a deeper understanding of various concepts and helped to improve my ability of interacting with fellow students, which encouraged team work skills. Moreover, the excellent composition of the Master’s program, allows students to have internship opportunities at well-known international organizations.
   GSID feels like a global village, where several countries are interconnected with each other under one roof, which provides a better understanding between cultures.
   I enrolled at GSID as a self-financed student, which proved to be difficult, juggling my studies and part-time work. Luckily, I got a scholarship under the MEXT program of Leading Graduate Schools.
   It is great privilege for me to describe my current experience as a part of GSID. To conclude, choosing GSID was one of the best decisions I have ever made.