Messages from students and graduates

Luis García

  I feel great gratitude to GSID and to its pool of teachers. They were always available to discuss my doubts and to question my arguments in an environment of respect and horizontality. I consider GSID unique because I found that teachers and students here are one hundred percent committed to both their academic research and the people they deal with. Developing great friendships at GSID is just the natural consequence of interacting always with this type of people; people who really want to make a difference in this world (and who are making it already!). When looking back, I see that doctoral students must fulfill lots of difficult tasks in a very limited time frame. It is a process filled with uncertainties and challenges. Working in the environment that GSID creates makes it easier for everybody. Obtaining a Ph.D. in International Development has been a great step in my career; from March 2015 I will start teaching human rights in Peru at the National University of San Marcos.