Messages from students and graduates

Runsinarith PHIM

It was my privilege to be awarded the Japanese government “Monbugakusho” scholarship twice and thanks to that I was able to complete both my undergraduate and postgraduate study in Japan. Looking back, the three years of my academic journey towards my PhD at GSID have been sometimes tough but very rewarding in terms of helping me to become a professional. GSID is an incredible place where I and other students enjoyed opportunities to conduct research that we are excited about. My academic life was not always easy but I always received enlightenment and encouragement in such difficult times from academic advisors, professors and friends. GSID had a profound impact on me. I gained a certain sense of independence and thoroughly expanded my knowledge and perspective. GSID was incredibly valuable because it was where I could learn to see economic development from a different perspective and it is where I could discover a better understanding on contemporary social and economic structures as well as quantitative analytical tools, which became indispensable in my professional life. Just as importantly, I met so many brilliant mind professors and friends who challenged me to view the world through a different lens from a different perspective.