International Guest Researchers (Past)


Country Kingdom of Thailand
Position Department of History, Faculty of Humanities,Chiang Mai University, Assistant Professor
Theme Early formation of capitalism in Siam/Thailand
Period 2021/1/7-2021/3/31
Host Researcher HIGASHIMURA Takeshi, Professor


Name Spoann VIN
Country Kingdom of Cambodia
Position Lecturer, Faculty of Development Studies, Royal University of Phnom Penh
Theme Urban Environmental Management in Cambodia
Period 2019/4/23-2019/7/11
Host Researcher SHIMADA Yuzuru, Professor
Name Joe Devine
Country United Kingdom
Position Department of Social & Policy Sciences, University of Bath
Theme Wellbeing, inequality and poverty
Period 2019/7/16-2019/8/30
Host Researcher ITO Sanae, Professor
Name Carlos ORNELAS
Country United Mexican States
Position Professor, Department of Education and Communication, Division of Social Science and Humanities, Autonomous Metropolitan University at Xochimilco
Theme The Shadow of the OECD and PISA on the Educational Policies of Japan and Mexico
Period 2019/10/7-2019/12/13
Host Researcher YAMADA Shoko, Professor
Name Srabani Roy CHOUDHURY
Country India
Position Professor, Center For East Asian Studies, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University
Theme Strategy n Global Business
Period 2019/11/27-2019/12/26
Host Researcher OKADA Aya, Professor
Name Tubodenyefa ZIBIMA
Country Federal Republic of Nigeria
Position Lecturer, Department of Political Sciences, Niger Delta University
Theme Revisiting conflict and access to oil rent in Nigeria’s oil-rich region: an interrogation of the intersection of state-level strategies and micro-level dynamics
Period 2019/10/4-2019/12/27
Host Researcher NISHIKAWA Yukiko, Professor
Name Mohammad Jiaul HOQUE
Country People’s Republic of Bangladesh
Position Professor, Department of Agricultural Extension Education, Bangladesh Agricultural University
Theme Participatory Approaches to Agricultural Extension in Bangladesh: toward revision of Agricultural Extension Manual
Period 2020/1/10-2020/3/31
Host Researcher USAMI Koichi, Professor