2020-09-18 Others
Anti-Coronavirus Measures in the Fall Semester
2020-09-09 Job opening
Announcement of Position Opening (Associate Professor)
2020-08-06 Events
The Open Campus video is now available on YouTube. Please check it out.
2020-07-22 Admission
Regarding Partial Changes to the Application Guidebook for the Master’s Program Academic Year 2021(First Round Examination)(Updated version)
2020-06-23 Events
Open Camapus 2020 will be held on July 11, 2020 (Pre-registration is required)
2020-05-21 Admission
Notice on English requirements of ADB-JSP Application for AY2021
2020-05-14 Job opening
Announcement of Position Opening (Associate Professor)
2020-05-13 Admission
Notice of abolishing the English test and Introduction of Duolingo in the entrance examination for the Master’s Program
2020-04-28 Admission
The Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Program 2021
2020-04-24 Admission
Important Notice regarding Entrance Examination in 2020
2020-04-14 Others
Supplementary Note on March 26 and April 8 Notifications
2020-04-08 Others
GSID policy to supply lectures and seminars for 2020 Spring Semester
2020-04-02 Others
Cancellation of General Orientation on April 6th
2020-03-27 Others
GSID Class Policy in April 2020
2020-03-26 Others
GSID Orientation Schedule AY 2020 for New Students
2020-03-25 Others
Deanʼs Message to the Graduates of GSID
2020-03-17 Job opening
Announcement of Position Opening (Assistant Professor)
2020-03-12 Others
Measures for Prevention of the Novel Coronovairus Infection at GSID
2020-01-23 Admission
The Academic Year 2020 (October Enrollment) Special Admission for the Japanese Government (MEXT: Monbukagakusho) Scholarship: GSID Nomination Scheme (3 students) 3rd Round